About Kristin

 I am running for City-County Council because I love my community. I have lived in the district for 25 years with my husband and two children and have served in a volunteer capacity for numerous organizations such as Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Concord Center, West Indy Public Library, our local churches, and Riley Children's hospital.


I have also help to elect community-centered leaders such as Rep Justin Moed, and Senator JD Ford. These experiences have allowed me to understand the issues that our district faces through face-to-face engagements at the doors of our neighbors.  


These conversations helped form the basis of what our campaign is all about.


First of all, I understand the need for improved road repair, safer sidewalks, more bus stops, and the need for more street lights.


Secondly, I understand that crime plagues many of our neighborhoods and we need to address it through an increased focus on community-based beat policing.


Finally, having worked for nearly a decade with our community centers, I understand the need to connect our residents to available community resources that often go unused due to lack of awareness.


Currently, I am the Director of Community Engagement at The Julian Center.


If you don't know anything about me, please remember two things, first, I am relentless, and second I get results! I will work tirelessly for you and your families and I will not give up!